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Don’t you wish to treasure wonderful family photographs, which show real memories. Images that convey real emotion and the uniqueness of your particular family?

My aim as a candid photographer is to put your family central. I am convinced that a family’s unique magic will emerge in the interactions and eventually in wonderful images, the more invisible the photographer.

A short insight into my work:

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In your photosession you won’t be commanded in any way; you won’t be told to pose in curious ways. Only if absolutely necessary or if the opportunity for a very special image arises I will intervene in spontaneously developing situations. Only when all other options run out I will operate a small flash light.

You as a family choose the shooting’s time and location – e.g. at your home or on an excursion – just choose a pleasurable activity for your family. It won’t take long and you’ll have forgotten the camera. This way wonderful, genuine and absolutely authentical images of you and your most precious will result. Images that are unique as is your family.

Urban Documentary Photography

Urban, uncompromizably documentary candid photography is the leitmotif of this longterm project. The documental, that means invariably authentic depiction is prerequisite. City and individuals are central; ideally, the viewer is unconscious of the photographer respectively the act of photographing. There should be no creator’s intention or message directly visible in the resulting images. The art consists in becoming invisible as a photographer: To totally dissolve into the photographed situation; to deny any influence onto the observable situation and enable an unconditionally authentic capture and depiction of the moment.

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In this approach Urban Documentary Photography departs in a way from contemporary Street Photography, where it’s common to photograph preferrably whimsical situations or to elicit a viewer’s reaction through a deliberate combination of formerly unpaired elements based on not-so-obvious connections (commonly referred to as juxtaposition in this context). Urban Documentary Photography feels rather bound to Street Photography’s roots in focusing on the medium’s immanent documental qualities. As early examples for this take on photography the works of Eugène Atget and Alfred Stieglitz are to be mentioned.

New Urban Documentary Photography can be regularly found on my Instagram Feed.